Kelly’s Refreshing Lemonade Pie!

So imagine, its the middle of the summer and your outside on your porch just relaxing with your family or friends. Its pretty hot and humid out today and you’re having the darnedest time trying to stay cool. That pitcher of sweet ice tea just isn’t cutting it anymore! Well fear not my friend!  I have a treat that might just be what you’re looking for to beat the heat! Introducing Kelly’s Refreshing Lemonade Pie! How cool is that?? A excellent choice of drink to beat the heat, mixed with an amazing treat such as pie?? It can’t get to much better!


This recipe is one of my favorites! It cools you down, its refreshing, and you can’t eat it all in one sitting! Well… I cant at least, its a bit tart but sweet and tasty non the less! Here, ill walk you through making this delectable summer treat!

One day in the summer of June 2014, my step mother decided she was going to impress everyone with her awesome cooking/baking skills. I was at my grandparents with my dad, her and obviously my grandmother and grandfather. It was a 90 + degree day! It was steamy outside! I don’t know how she knew but she picked the perfect day to try out this scrumptious treat! I think you can use your imagination to see where the rest of this story goes, but basically I tried it, I loved it, and I could not get enough of it!

This recipe is short and sweet…and frankly, good to eat haha!  Its simple and doesn’t require a lot of steps.

First you need a list of everything you need, that would be helpful wouldn’t it!

One-6oz can of your favorite brand of frozen lemonade

One can of sweetened condensed milk

Yellow food coloring

1/4 of a cup of sour cream

One- 8oz tube of cool whip (the tube doesn’t need to be 8oz, that’s just how much f the cool whip you need.

One pre-made graham cracker pie crust (you can make your own, but i didn’t find much of a difference in taste between the crusts. The pre-made one is just less time consuming and more convenient.

One large bowl for mixing

A normal pie pan/tin/ what ever you want to call it haha

A functioning fridge/freezer

A whisk or rubber spatula. Which ever you prefer, or you can use both at different steps. It honestly doesn’t make a difference.

Ok! the first step is to take your bowl and add your frozen lemonade and condensed milk. Mix that together until you see a nice mutual blend of the two ingredients. Its like mixing colors in art class!

Then add the sour cream to the mix along with 1 drop of food coloring. Mix that together and then add one more drop of food coloring and mix it up even more! the texture should be thick but smooth like a smoothie! (No pun intended).

The next step is the most difficult step but its not that hard i promise! Only a few years ago i didn’t know how to cook an egg, now i can make breakfast platters easily with very little direction from recipes! If i can do this, you can do this, you just gotta believe! haha ok my brief motivational spiel is over, back to the recipe!

When you add in your cool whip, you cant just start mixing and stirring away fast. The cool whip is very important! The process of mixing in the cool whip is sometimes referred to as folding. This is usually done while using a rubber spatula or wire whisk. You basically gently stir the whip cream into the mixture of our other ingredients, focusing n mixing from the bottom to the top. If you rush and stir to aggressively, you will lose the air/fluffiness of the whip cream causing the pie to come out thick and heavy instead of lighter and smoother. Do not mix for to long also, its not like beating an egg. You should stop mixing once all of the ingredients are mutually mixed and the color flows and doesn’t look like a kindergartner finger painted all over your food!

Then finally pour the mixture into the pie crust and place the pie in the freezer/ fridge to chill. Depending on how hard you want your pie and how cold you want it determines where you want to place it. In my personal experience, placing it into the freezer is better because it becomes harder and much more manageable to eat. Where as if it was in the fridge it might stay relatively soupy and smoothie like.

How long you keep your pie in the freezer or fridge honestly depends on you. The longer it is in there the harder and cooler it will become. I would leave it in for a few hours and then check on it. Stick a tooth pick in it to test hoe hard it is. If it is where you like it then serve it! I personally like mine pretty hard like i am eating fresh Italian ice!

Lemonade pie 3

When its finished some people like to add more whip cream as a topping to the pie which is very tasty! I can’t lie, I am one of those people.

Lemonade pie 1

This recipe is simple, cheap, quick, and an awesome way to cool down on those humid hot summer days! This is a fun little treat that you and all of your friends can enjoy!

Other than a hot summer day, this dessert compliments any beach/party themed dinners like burgers or hot dogs. Even for birthday parties it is a fun treat for everyone! But, make sure you make enough because the pie will go quick!


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