What is Dessert?

Many of you might start to think, what kind of question is this? Well frankly that’s what I am trying to find out! Is a dessert something everyone defines the same? Or perhaps it is unique to everyone, similar to how we humans are…Unique!

Dessert is something that has been around and accepted into common food culture since years dating back to the B.C. timeline. From a historical perspective, even though there is no set date on when desserts were founded, you can look back to ancient times and find evidence of sweets. Sweets like sugar cane, dried fruit, and honey were used as sacrificial offerings to ancient Gods. Some records even date back to Mesopotamia!

sugar cane

You don’t start to see the manufacturing of sweets until the middle ages in multiple areas of Europe, and since anything labeled as sweet was very expensive only wealthy individuals could afford them. This is probably about the time when the idea of desserts started to be passed around. According to blogger Jonas Mikka Luster, desserts probably started becoming the closing end of any meal in the 17th century because most workers in the food and entertainment industry had to prepare tons of food for a lot of people in a quick fashion. Due to the level of severity they started to make cold desserts. Cold desserts could be prepared early in the day so that later in the evening more food could be served, and more customers would be satisfied. A link to his blog will be posted at the bottom.

According to other historical data based like Wikipedia, in the 1920’s during the industrial revolution, almost every type of good being massed produced and shipped around the country. Foods and desserts are no exception! Once foods started to be made in bulk, the price of them began to drop making them more affordable for the common household. People then probably started to buy sweets more causing it to become almost a tradition to have dessert after meals!

food 3


Now that we have a little bit of a historical background, let’s talk about what is a Dessert? My personal opinion is that desserts are the royalty of foods. They are something that you only have a small portion of yet you want more and more! Sadly that results in stomach aches and no one likes those! You can enjoy more delights when your stomach hurts!

Dessert 4

With all of the recipes and variations of desserts out there, I honestly do not believe desserts are uniform in the sense that every single dish is the same. Every culture, personal preferences, even ethnicity and environment affects a dish’s core. That’s why we label things by where they are from, like Cajun food is spicy southern style cooking. That’s why I love desserts, each is different in its own aspect, kind of like people. Everyone is different, even if it is down to one single atom, everyone is different. You never know what to expect because looks can be deceiving, it’s almost like an adventure down candy cane lane every time I try a new dessert.

food 5

What do you think? When you hear the word dessert, what pop’s into your head immediately? After you picture that sweet mouthwatering dish, look a little deeper into your psyche, why is that the first thing you thought of? Would that be your true definition of a dessert? Is it the same as mine? I want to hear your responses!

Here are my sources and a link to Jonas’s blog!



Luster, Jonas Mikka. “Why and When Did Desserts Become the Last Course of a Meal?” – Quora. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Feb. 2016.


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